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Experience the ultimate in luxury and comfort with MAAJA, a jersey blouse crafted from 100% cashmere jersey. This blouse is a testament to fine craftsmanship, featuring internal seams finished with French seams and elegant fabric-covered buttons. MAAJA is designed to be a warm, soft, and universal piece for everyday wear, offering the perfect balance of comfort and lightweight ease.

This versatile blouse is ideal for pairing with either pants or a skirt, effortlessly fitting into any wardrobe. It’s perfect for the office, comfortable enough for travel, and cozy for year-round home wear, making it a must-have in any collection

Material: 100% Cashmere jersey
Made in Estonia

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Long slits on the side.
Button fastening.
Heel collar.
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Size 34 (XS)
Chest: 84 cm Waist: 65 cm Hip: 93 cm
Size 36 (XS - S)
Chest: 88 cm Waist: 68 cm Hip: 96 cm
Size 38 (S)
Chest: 92 cm Waist: 72 cm Hip: 99 cm
Size 40 (M)
Chest: 96 cm Waist: 76 cm Hip: 102 cm
Size 42 (M - L)
Chest: 100 cm Waist: 80 cm Hip: 100 cm
Size 44 (L)
Chest: 104 cm Waist: 84 cm Hip: 110 cm
Size 46 (XL)
Chest: 110 cm Waist: 89 cm Hip: 115 cm

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cashmere shirt maajacashmere shirt maajacashmere shirt maaja