So much has been said about garments.

In fact, one could state that almost everything already has.

Instead of adding onto this avalanche of words, we decided to give you the simple facts. No added allegories, prose or needless adjectives. Instead, a clear idea of what we stand for and how we choose to make our clothes.

Everything we do starts with the fabrics, these are hand-picked from mills in Italy and Japan. These are proud suppliers, that have worked with cashmeres, silks, cottons for generations. As we do, they deeply care about what they do and stand for. Nothing is left to chance. Not a single pieces of cloth is discarded. We use everything that we acquire, as we design to order.

From the fabrics, we come to the silhouettes. In our humble Tallinn atelier, we carry a beautiful archive which stretches back to the 1970’s. Every single sleeve, leg, trim or collar we have ever made, is drawn here, on crisp sewing pattern paper and safely guarded. Our archive inspires us to find novel ideas, yet it respects those that came before us. Always with a contemporary eye.

The process is transparent too. We work with local seamstresses in the small atelier above our shop. Many of these savvy ladies have been with us for years. Some specialize in embroidery, others in tailoring, finishes or french seams; together they carefully asssemble the garments we purvey. Every single piece has passed through these caring hands before it finally envelops you.

What we aspire is to make effortless long-lasting pieces, that last you a lifetime. Without seasons, or frills, away from silly trends or whims. The atelier loves to create through touch, knowledge and true craft: making garments that compliment the wearer. As it is at this moment, the clothes truly come alive.

This what we do, here at POHJANHEIMO, nestled in Tallinn’s old town, Estonia.