Fields. Endless horizons. It is here we meet again.
Remember what was, conquer what is.

To understand our surroundings, we must remember our fore-fathers. Nature is but a free-space for all to marvel. However, rules exist and tribute must be paid. As our ancestors roam these lands. These ancient forests come alive through their spirits. As in the end, we all remain connected.

For SS17, POHJANHEIMO explores the wardrobe of the contemporary beduin. In our increasingly connected world, we cross vast spaces in little time. Rural zones become high-rise developments, urban spaces connect us to the seas, always, we find ourselves defying the elements. To dress astutely is a condition to fully embrace the freedom found in unconditional exploration.

These garments are understated, sharply tailored and languid in their overall appearance. Apart from subtle hand-applied embroideries, marking old folkloric characters, that seek to protect their wearers, the surfaces are stripped of all unnecessary décor. Silk wool, cool linen and double cashmere are featured along with cotton satin, silk crepe and pliable leather detailing. These chic pieces envelop their wearers comfortably, allowing them to fully interact with their environment. The collection lifts restraints, without ignoring the values of pure craftsmanship.

A lush jumpsuit is paired with a lightweight overcoat, loosely tailored pants are paired with an elegant raglan kimono, as opulent skirts feature alongside breezy blousons. Outside and inside connect, as the naturally breathable fabrics give the wearer an endless array of sartorial choices. The colour palette pairs astutely with the paler light of summer. Icy greys, crisp off-whites, dusty pinks are juxtaposed by deep black and midnight navy tones. Together with the casual feel of the garments, these tones support the collections’ relaxed, luxurious and functional character.

From what was, comes what is now; we are truly bound by shared curiosity.

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