Call this is a reckoning of sorts.
I just watched you. There is nothing left to say.
All has been forgiven. Do settle down.
We are no longer lost.

More and more we roam the lands that surround us, yet where do we go home. Shelter to the nomad is not easy to come by. It is only our subconscious that tells us where we truly belong.

POHJANHEIMO assesses the importance of togetherness, by holding onto to forgotten morality. The collection desires to provide warmth and a sense of security by enveloping its wearers in opulent comfort, no matter where they choose to wander. This AW17 collection forms a curated array of daily essentials that duly protect us from winters’ firm grasp.

Long billowing cashmere overcoats are donned with loosely tailored wool bottoms, a slightly louche hooded mohair top jacket is paired with sleek cropped dresses, silk satin shirting appears over sharply tailored skirts, whereas a cropped bomber provides structure over a casual de-constructed douce flannel jumpsuit. A subtle clash of surface textures gives the silhouette a bit of edge, with an overall feel of quiet composure. Slightly oversized, each style is easily wearable, relaxedly tailored and effortlessly luxurious.

Closures are forged out of subtle belt loops, folds and pleats, whilst underplayed details appear as contrasting tuxedo striping, silk exterior lining and textural hand-embroidered appliqués. Any restrictive design elements are absent, as these ascetic designs, wish to carry individuals, without ever overpowering them. Maintained in hues of black, grey, midnight blue, only broken by a dash of bone white and pigment red, the garments comfortably complement the muted colors that frame the seasonal shift.

Winter beckons. As does its faithful successor spring. Transition into your novel self, do not hold back, be present, here and now, as this moment will last beyond time.

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