If you want, you can see me
Mor then ever I have been kept waiting.
In the silent woods, on the fringes of
your understanding. Keep me safe.
Enchanter by trade. There is nothing
here. If you listen carefully,
you can hear me whisper in the dark.

Estonia, land of myths and history, it is here POHJANHEIMO is rooted, translating folklore and urban poetry into singular modern garments, that embody the mystic tales of the land. Each individual item is assembled entirely by hand, in the Tallinn atelier at the steady hands of knowledgeable seamstresses. Traditions are challenged, through the conceptual development of new patterns and by re-inventing novel tailoring proportions. Our way is that of slow, deliberate, emotive design, that embodies more than meets the eye. These are clothes that come alive as they have passed through many hands; no piece is alike.

SS18 explores the meaning of ancient tales, teleported into our contemporary society. Embroideries of the saga of the Snake King, representing superior knowledge and defence, are contrasted by the symbolic tale of the Wolf Tooth, which when sported by revered healers, marked intelligence and spiritual agility. And lastly an application of the mindful spirit bird which when placed on the left shoulder, according to history, airs a defensive aura that shields your loved ones. These are not just fragments of the past, these stories speak of emotions needed in society today.

The collection is meant for engagement, across the seasons. Lush lightweight Italian cashmere, tactile merino, crisp Japanese poplins, sturdy workwear cotton and breezy silks, shape a versatile silhouette, that invites constant variation and subtle layering. Oversized blousons are sported with languid wide pantaloons, fitted greatcoats are loosely donned with sleek merino tees, cropped bomber jackets appear casually thrown over breezy tunics and loose dresses billow underneath deconstructed jackets. The overall look is understated, clean, only broken by subtle closures, striped trimmings, inventive zip pullers and underplayed chic appliqués.

You do not need any help to be brave, but surely a playful sartorial cover makes any journey through this spiralling world a little easier.

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