From where we begin, to where it all may end;
today’s world is in turmoil. A movement can be
sensed, a return to tradition and values long
forlorn. In between symbolic Estonian folklore
and sensible craftsmanship nurtured for
generations, POHJANHEIMO exists.

The collections are an ongoing story, one of the slow design processes aiming to keep old perceptions alive in a contemporary manner. These garments make you feel safe, enveloped and effortlessly comfortable. They do not shout, nor do they seek attention, theirs is quiet luxury.

AW18 works with an understated assembly of tones, from basic white and black, to subtle grey, soft bleached purple and deep hues of the navy. Silk cotton, cashmere, merino wool and crisp poplin, are all hand-picked and free of any chemical processes. Instead, organic dies, fabric artistry and opulent quality are preferred.

Long coats are arranged with tapered bottoms, loose shirts billow underneath deconstructed vests and embroidered bombers are paired with re-worked skirting. Wild silks from the Kalahari, Alpaca wool from the Ruukki-Ambersun organic farms shape the backbone of the collection. The spinning of the yarns is done entirely by hand at Ruukin Kehräamö by master artisans. This makes for a wholly controlled process in which nothing is left to chance. Each finished silhouette oozes history and silent artistry.

These AW18 garments sway with time, they exist calmly, as our world slowly spirals out of control. In a way, they beckon for simpler times. Back to where it all began. The origin of fabric as perceived by the tailors of ancient times. POHJANHEIMO aspires to inject new life into proper atelier creation, with a small team assembling each piece by hand in the Tallinn, Old Town, atelier. This a choice, and even more so a promise, to ourselves and to you, the wearer, who breathes life into our work.

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