Tell me.
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Tell me.
Closely. Here.

When it comes to craftsmanship, ‘made by hand’ knows no equivalent. Constructing clothes with a small team, from tradition with steady experienced hands and endless sartorial patience; is what we do. In the industrious atelier in Tallinn’s old town, we aspire to make garments that have a soul, that speak; always solely on a ‘made to order’ foundation. No production, no excess, but controlled sincere creation. A quiet form of construction, this is the POHJANHEIMO way. We aim to bridge historic techniques, contemporary thinking and uncompromising quality standards. No fuss. No frills.

The SS19 collection humbly flows from the studio, as a study of movement, form and function. Loose billowing houndstooth silk woollen overcoats are donned over languid poplin shirt-dresses, fitted cropped pants are paired with oversized cashmere tunics and lightweight dresses appear alongside deconstructed blazers and fine merino roll-necks. In terms of the fabrics, the finest pure silk, cashmere, linen, merino and cotton have been picked, in order to create timeless pieces that will last a lifetime. An understated palette of greys, off-white, black, deep navy, bright blue and brown, mimics the summery foliage of the Estonian forest.

This season, documented in a brutalist art gallery in Tallinn, the garments appear simple, understated and minimalist at a first glance. A closer inspection reveals the innate construction, hand-sewn button fastenings, subtle zip closures and meticulously applied embroideries. These hand-sewn beaded pictograms interpret forlorn Estonian folk-tales, as experienced by the discerning tailor’s hand. This solemn craftsmanship reminds us of different times, away from the hustle and bustle. SS19 is a curation of easily worn wardrobe staples, independent to any longitude or latitude, you might choose to wander along.

Many moons. So much has changed. Draw in closer. Even closer. And you will see.

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