Amidst it all.
Control your breath.
Pace yourself.
We are here. Until the very end.
These hands, these eyes.
What they have touched. What they have seen.

Black seas, move over. In the atelier there is no room for error, but profound intent. This is workmanship, this is all we have ever known. Clothes constructed by hand, dutiful, from experience, with love and undivided attention. Right here in Tallinn, in our humble Old Town atelier.

For AW20 POHJANHEIMO returns to the essence of the cut, working with hand-picked fabrics, from Japan and Italy, as the foundation for a series of made-to-order garments. The look is understated, refined, unmistakably Nordic and effortlessly functional. Think long cashmere coats, ultra-soft layering vests, crisp oversized shirting, soft merino wool tailoring and sleek silk all-year round wardrobe options.

Every single style exists only once, merely re-crafted in the atelier, entirely by hand; when ordered. These are the slowest of garments, without immediate haste or sole momentous flash appeal; instead they are meant to linger alongside the wearer, for a lifetime of sartorial togetherness. Next to the intricate construction process, the exterior touch forms an integral part of the collection. These are pieces to be worn, touched, travelled in, shared and loved relentlessly.

AW20 allows us to stand still, question and appraise the actual meaning of honest design, without any waste, noise or needless decor. These are clothes that exist on their own, crafted as unique limited editions. Instead of fancy narratives the collection rests on the steady hands of Ülle and her small team of knowledgeable seamstresses, who share over 50 years of profound tailoring experience between them. That and trustworthy quality without any compromise.

From Tallinn into your hands, POHJANHEIMO aspires to purvey beautifully hand-crafted pieces, from the finest cloth, as a silent commentary to these ever-turbulent and visually charged times.

We are here, we have remained, for many decades, and we shall be here, tomorrow.

Ülle Pohjanheimo

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