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A masterpiece of luxury and design in the form of a 100% fine wool dress-tunic. EMMI captivates with its straight-cut silhouette, offering a blend of elegance and modernity. The left side of the dress features a distinctive relief with an integrated pocket and a concealed zipper, complemented by a subtle slit for added movement and style. The design boasts slightly extended shoulders and sophisticated cuffs at the sleeve ends, culminating in a unique two-button closure on the right shoulder seam.

A highlight of EMMI is the exquisite machine and hand embroidery with glass pearls, adding a touch of opulence. The entire dress is luxuriously lined with pure silk, ensuring comfort and a flawless drape. Versatile in its essence, EMMI transcends traditional boundaries, effortlessly doubling as a contemporary tunic over pants for a sporty yet elegant look. This high-quality fine wool dress-tunic, adorned with tonal embroidery, is not just a garment but a statement of refined taste and style.

Handmade in Estonia
Material: 100% Pure Wool

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On the left side of the dress, there is a relief with an inset pocket and a concealed zipper. At the bottom of the relief, there is a slit. The dress has slightly extended shoulders and cuffs at the sleeve ends. The dress fastens on the right from the shoulder seam with two buttons. On the left side of the dress, there is machine embroidery and hand embroidery with glass beads.
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Size 34 (XS)
Chest: 84 cm Waist: 65 cm Hip: 93 cm
Size 36 (XS - S)
Chest: 88 cm Waist: 68 cm Hip: 96 cm
Size 38 (S)
Chest: 92 cm Waist: 72 cm Hip: 99 cm
Size 40 (M)
Chest: 96 cm Waist: 76 cm Hip: 102 cm
Size 42 (M - L)
Chest: 100 cm Waist: 80 cm Hip: 100 cm
Size 44 (L)
Chest: 104 cm Waist: 84 cm Hip: 110 cm
Size 46 (XL)
Chest: 110 cm Waist: 89 cm Hip: 115 cm

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Dress Tunica EmmiDress Tunica EmmiDress Tunica Emmi